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Workshop at ITI UMRI - Kurukshetra

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Conducted a technial workshop at ITI UMRI on December 09,2019. The students were trained to install the TIST on three phase motor starter. TIST stands for Tubewell Irrigation Stop Timer. This is an Agriculture Irrigation Timer.

FPGA Training

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We provide training on Xilinx FPGA to develop working projects.

Microcontroller Training

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1. 8051 Platform, PIC, ARM Architectuer, RENESAS, SiLab, ST Microelectronics

2. Embedded C Programming

3. PCB Designing

4. GPS/GSM Interfacing

5. RFID technology, Touch, HMI

6. Communication & Interfacing Protocols :I2 C, SPI, USART,1-Wire, SCADA, LAN, WAN, CAN, USB etc.