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DWIN LCD Sale and Technical Development Services Center authorization

We are now authorized as sale and technical support center for "DWIN Technology Inc. China" in the India, Canada, United States, Ireland, United Kingdom, Belgium and Germany. The latest technology of DWIN is the DGUS based touch screen lcd. The objective is mutual business growth and DGUS lcd based designing projects undertaking from different global manufacturers. Our company has expertise to develop DGUS lcd based products and migrate HMI based projects and designs to DGUS.

Launched (TIST-GSM) A Mobile SMS App Operated Three Phase Motror Controller

The company has launched a Mobile SMS operated Three Phase Motor Controller with unique features not found in the competitive products in the market. The TIST-GSM Three Phase Motor Controller can be operated using either Default SMS App or Special App developed by the company. The Three Phase Motor Controller can be operated by four User Operators. One user is given the rights of User Master and other three are simple User Operators. The User Master may add/ remove the User Operators using SMS command. Any effort to operate by unauthorized person is reported to the User Master. The status of Line fault, AC Power Resume and Time Over etc also are reported to the User Master. The TIST GSM Mobile Motor controller is 4G compatible.

Launched Model 02RT of I-KOOL Summer Cooler Controller

The new Summer Cooler Controller with unique features, has been launched with I-KOOL Trade Mark. The Model 02RT has features to sense the quantity of water in the cooler tank, a feature not found in the competitive products. The water quantity is divided in 5 levels by the software algorithm of the I-KOOL summer cooler controller. The water quantity in levels is dsiplayed on the vertical coulmn of indicators (LEDs), which adds unique asthetic look to fornt view of the I-KOOL summer cooler controller model 02RT. The I-KOOL is availble in ready to install on the front side of cooler. The installation is very simple with straight wires for the purpose.

TIST Trade Mark for Automatic Motor Controller Timer used in Agriculture Irrigation.

TIST is now the Trade Mark of Multi Electroni-Cal Systems Co., 39, Sec-2, Industrial Area, Kurukshetra, Haryana -136118 for the Microcontroller based Motor Controller used as Agriculture Irrigation Timer. TUST stands for Tubewell Irrigation Stop Timer. Two types of TIST models have been developed by the company. TMR1 model is Irrigation Stop Timer to connect with Existing Single Phase Preventer (SPP). The existing Single Phase Preventor (SPP) can be converted in to Timer Controlled with TIST TMR1. The second Model of TIST is TMR3. It has in-bulit SPP and Stop Timer. Both Models have provision to set the Run Duration using an external battery of 9 Volt. After setting the duration, battery must be removed. The duration is automatically saved in the TIST device. When power reumes, the saved duration is logged automatically. If there is in-between power failure, the pending duration is saved autmatically. When power resumes, the pending duration is completed automatically by the TIST.

hand sanizer PUBSEN

A new hand sanitizer for public places with brand name PUBSEN has been launched.