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Stepper Motor Pulse Generator

This card has been designed for industrial applications where the speed & direction of Stepper Motor is to be controlled by user. This card has provision to select microstepping. The direction, enable & pulse are the signals available to fed into Stepper Driver.

Inverter Data Logger

This product has been designed to record the performance of Invertor - Battery. The charging-discharging, load & charging current etc all parameters are stored in the internal memory. The stored data can be seen on LCD or be transmitted to computer through serial Port in Excel Sheet Format.


Automatic Battery Manger

This product has been designed for rural market of India. Long electric supply failure is a big problem in rural area, so single battery is not sufficient to provide back up for longer duration in summer season. Most people use two batteries in series or parallel with inverter. Both these configurations have own disadvantages. The present product has been designed to handle the battery problems. This automatically manages the battery for the longest possible back-up & fast charging.

Smart Cooler Control Card

We have designed control card to make Summer Cooler Digitally controlled Smart Device.


Irrigation Tubewell Timer

We are designing a low cost irrigation timer, which is easy to operate. It can be interfaced with existing Motor Single Phase Preventor. This combo facilitates the farmer to plan irrigation timing.