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Android App Developer

An engineer capable to develope Android/ IOS Software to work on contract or from home. Contact : 9355828682

Windows Application Engineer

An Engineer having capability to develop GUI & Window Application using VB or JAVA, is required to work on contract or work from home basis. Contact: 9355828682

Patent Applied for TIST

We have successfully applied Patent of TIST & TIST Motor Controller.

Franchisee Opportunity

To apply for Franchisee, Click on "Contact" Tab. Fill the form. In the "Message", write "Interested for Franchisee" & click on "Submit". Terms : 1. Franchisee from rural area will be preferred to cover 10 KM area. 2. Franchisee will pay only Rs. 5,000/= as security . 3. Minimum purchase order is for amount Rs 25,000/=. 3. Franchisee willing to cover more than 10 KM area, will place min. order of Rs. 1,00,000/- 4. Delivery will start after advanced full payment confirmation.

New Technology of Surgical Cauttery

We have developed a Microcontroller based Digital Cattery for 400W & 250 W. The technology is now available for sale to MSMEs. The Medical equipment manufacturers can get technology.